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A mechanical auger is only effective against run-of-the-mill clogs, but it doesn’t get at the root of the problem. And, a line that is chronically clogged may be symptomatic of a drain line contaminated with grease, limescale, and other particles. Hydrojetting can eliminate the clog, clear away debris, and safely remove clog-causing surface buildup, leaving your pipes smooth and clean.

Leave it to the professionals at John Fowler’s Plumbing to eliminate your drain clog once and for all. We offer drain line hydrojetting services for Indianapolis homes and business. John Fowler’s Plumbing has two service vans ready to dispatch anywhere in Central Indiana. Give us a call and we will send out an Angie’s List “A Rated” plumber!

How it Works

With hydrojetting, there are no chemicals or mechanical parts that could damage the inner lining of your pipes. The cleaning action is carried out by an auger fitted with a hydrojet head. The water coming out of the hydrojet is pressurized to over 3,000 PSI. As the hydrojet passes through the line, it dissolves clogs and removes surface buildup from within the pipes. Any surface contaminants are safely flushed out through your sewer line or septic line.

Hydrojetting vs. Snaking

Snaking is a method that uses a mechanical auger to move through the pipe and physically break up blockages. For some pipes, this method is fine. But, in homes with brittle pipes, snaking can lead to cracks and other issues.

The one major drawback of hydrojetting is that it cannot be used on homes with clay tile sewer lines. And, hydrojetting is not the preferred method for some septic system configurations. Although, hydrojetting remains the preferred way to clean out septic headers.

When you call John Fowler’s Plumbing to have a drain line hydrojetted, we will take all these factors into consideration and recommend the best course of action.

Great for Older Homes

Hydrojetting is the preferred method to clear clogs in older pipes. As pipes age, they can become brittle. The last thing any homeowner wants to hear is “We managed to clear the clog, but we cracked the line in the process. Hydrojetting also works to clear away sediment, limescale, and other debris common in older pipes.

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