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Replace or Repair a Water Main in Indianapolis and Central Indiana

Need to replace or repair a water main in Indianapolis or the surrounding areas? John Fowler’s Plumbing offers fast, affordable, and professional water line repairs and replacements to homes and businesses in Central Indiana.

Unexpected water main breaks are a huge, costly hassle — especially if the water main is under the portion of property for which you are responsible in repairing. The team at John Fowler’s Plumbing will be there to set things right and ensure your water main repair or replacement lasts many years to come.

If you suspect an issue you with your main water line, call John Fowler’s Sewer & Drain. We will diagnose the problem and recommend a solution that is in line with your budget considerations.

Who is Responsible for Fixing Water Mains?

In all likelihood, you found our website after discussing your water main issue with a local utility such as Citizens Energy Group. If you live in Marion, Hendricks, Johnson, Hancock, Morgan, or Shelby County, you are responsible for any repairs or replacements that need to be made to the water line below your property. (Note: This does not include the water line below the public right-of-way that extends several feet from the road, all depending on your local ordinances and bylaws.)

John Fowler’s Plumbing offers competitive rates and payment plans, meaning we can fix your water main without putting a major strain on your budget.

“No-Dig” Options for Water Main Repairs

Most homes in Central Indiana have galvanized, copper, or PEX water lines. John Fowler’s Plumbing has several “no-dig” or “trenchless” options to repair water main breaks. These include pipe re-lines and pipe bursting, which uses a hydraulic-powered head to evenly burst the existing pipe and lay a new pipe in its place.

Once we diagnose your water main issue, we will discuss the costs and benefits of the numerous repair options available.

Diagnosing a Water Main Break

The only sure way to diagnose a water main issue is through a visual inspection. But, there are a number of symptoms that are clear indicators of a water main issue. These include:

Standing water on your property or basement. One of the most obvious signs something is wrong with your water main will be the presence of standing water on your property. The ground will feel soft and saturated, typically at the front of the property where most water mains connect to homes. Your basement carpeting or slab will be saturated or having standing water — especially if there are existing cracks in the foundation.

Water pressure has diminished. When a water main breaks, you will experience a drop in water pressure since some of that pressure will be lost to the earth.

Your water is suddenly discolored. Does your tap water appear to be discolored, rusty, or murky? Allow the faucet to flow for several minutes. If the problem doesn’t resolve itself, your underground water line has likely cracked and become contaminated with soil.

The water bill is noticeably higher. A slow-leaking crack in a water main may have no visible effect on your property, but you will most likely see a difference in your water bill. Keep a record of your water bills and look for any unexplainable spikes.

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Let’s get to work in fixing your water main. Call John Fowler’s Plumbing for a quote on outdoor water line repair or replacement. We serve homes and businesses throughout Central Indiana.

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