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Sewer Camera Inspections for Indianapolis & Central Indiana

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Have a problem with your sewer line, but can’t quite figure out the source? John Fowler’s Plumbing performs sewer camera inspections for Indianapolis homes and businesses. These camera-guided inspections allow us to quickly diagnose issues such as lateral join separations, corrosion, blockages, and sagging (bellied) drain lines.

A sewer line camera inspection is a great alternative to traditional excavation procedures. The methods we use are relatively non-intrusive, cause little disruption to your property, and are highly effective.

If you’re ready to make your sewer line issues a thing of the past, call John Fowler’s Plumbing today for a free estimate. We serve homes and businesses throughout Central Indiana.

The 4 Red Flags of a Sewer Line Issue

#1. Recurring foul odors. Typically, the only way sewage vapors escape is when the water within a drain P-trap has evaporated. So, if the odors seem to be coming from a seldom used bathroom or basement drain, you may want to try pouring a gallon of water down the drain to see if it remedies the issue. This is especially a common problem in commercial facilities with floor drains. If you’ve ruled out a dry drain trap, call our team to have a thorough inspection performed.

#2. Sewer line is backed up. When a sewer line is backed up, the most common cause turns out to be a collapsed line or a line that has become infiltrated with roots. But, a blockage can also occur due to flushing large objects or grease buildup (especially in restaurants).

#3. Slow drains. Typically, with a single slow drain you can isolate the issue to a single line. But, if it seems like several drains within your home or business are draining slowly, you should consider a sewer line inspection. The sewer line is the most common denominator of multiple slow drains!

#4. A patch of tall or discolored grass in one area. An overgrown patch of grass is one tell-tale sign that something is amiss with your lateral sewer line. If you have an overgrown patch of lawn, or a patch that is overly green or discolored, you may have a leak that is leeching wastewater into the soil of your property. Grass may love the extra nutrients, but this is a property risk that should not be ignored.

What Can a Sewer Line Inspection Find?

Our state-of-the-art sewer line inspection equipment can quickly locate the source of the problem, such as:

Sagging drain lines
Pipe joint leaks
Split sewer laterals
Root intrusion
Corroded pipes

Following the inspection, we will provide you with a full report on our findings and discuss the best course of action. Camera-guided inspections reduce repair costs by isolating the problem and minimizing hourly costs.

This is a process where you call in a plumbing company or a specialist to run a video line through your waste pipes.

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