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Are you noticing odd sounds emanating from your faucets? Experiencing a noticeable decrease in water pressure or unusual odors coming from your tap water? The issue may be your water line. Since 1987, Central Indiana homeowners have called the professionals at John Fowler’s Plumbing to tackle water line issues.

In many Central Indiana homes, water lines are as old as the structure itself. But, water line issues can occur even in newer homes fitted with PVC pipes. And, cracks, breaks, compromised fittings, and other issues can all cause significant issues to your home’s fresh water supply. By calling John Fowler’s Sewer & Drain, we can have the issue quickly resolved.

Know the Signs of a Water Line Issue

Healthy, leak-free water lines are essential to a healthy home. Even if you don’t notice them every day, your water lines are working under pressure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Fortunately, John Fowler’s Plumbing  is also available to deliver round-the-clock repairs to compromised water lines. Call us if you begin to experience any of the following symptoms with your water lines:



Strange noises coming from the faucets. That’s not a ghost. Knocking, vibrating, and hammering noises coming from a faucet a clear sign that something is wrong with your system. In most instances, the issue can be resolved by replacing a spindle, gasket, cartridge, valve, or connection.

Decreased water pressure. Water comes into your home under pressure and it needs an unobstructed path to maintain that pressure. When a water line snaps, cracks, becomes misaligned, or clogged with a foreign object, you will likely experience a noticeable dip in water pressure. We can help!

Discolored tap water. In Central Indiana, many water utilities flush out the plumbing network, which can cause the water to become slightly rust-colored. But, this should last only a few minutes at most. If the problem doesn’t seem to resolve itself, assume the water is contaminated and call John Fowler’s Plumbing .

Foul-tasting water. When subsurface fresh water lines break or crack, soil and contaminants can find their way into your tap water. If you notice an earthy or chemical taste in your water, discontinue drinking water from your home’s taps and call John Fowler’s Plumbing . Even if the water looks clean, it may still be contaminated.

Dripping water or stains on walls or ceilings. The vast majority of your home’s water supply lines are hidden behind walls and floors. So, when a water line breaks, dripping water or stains can appear on walls, ceilings, or floors.

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